The Art of DIY Lanyard

Lanyards are cords usually worn around the neck or wrist and are used to hold something. Most people use this common item everyday but are not aware of what it is called. Lanyards were originally used for nautical means. It is usually used to fasten something to a ship. Later, it was used in the cavalry to attach a pistol, sword or whistle to a uniform. Then it became a decorative piece rather than a necessity. Today it serves several purpose.

As it is there are many types of lanyards according to purpose. One is that it can be an electronic accessory. Phones, gadgets and USB flash drives have a through-hole, usually in the corner in which the thread of a lanyard goes through and is secured by a knot. It can also be used as a badge/identification card holder. Usually these types of lanyards have a clip which is attached to a clear plastic casing or pouch inside which a badge or an identification card is placed. It can also be used for safety reasons. They are attached to kill switches that turn off dangerous machines once the operator becomes incapacitated in a anyway. Other police officers use specialized lanyards to keep sidearm’s from falling during operations. It is also used as lineman yards. This prevents utility men or mountain climbers from falling. This type of lanyard has a section of heavy duty nylon attached to a metal ring. This strap maybe fixed or adjustable and can be attached to the wearer to support their weight. Also, aside from the practical means on which lanyards can be used, it can also be enjoyed recreationally.

LanyardsMost lanyards these days are commercially made. It can be customized according to a customer’s specifications. Commercially available lanyards can even print a company’s name or event on the lanyard in variety of techniques such as screen printing, weaving, heat transfer or screen printing. Some lanyards has a thread at the end, others a clip, still others with a magnetic break- away feature. As varied as these customization techniques are, people can still opt to do their very own lanyards. But doing a do-it-yourself lanyard, means learning braiding techniques. Scoubidou is a knotting craft that originated from France. It was originally aimed for children but has since gained adult following. It started in the 1950’s and has remained popular until today. The most common thread used for scoubidou is flat and is available in a variety of colors. Another type of thread is the hollow plasticized PVC tubes. Again these threads come in a variety of colors. There are a variety of braids that can be done to make your lanyard. The most basic of which is the square knot/stitch also called the box stitch. It is most commonly used for keychain lanyards and is fairly easy to do. This stitch is made by taking the center of two threads, arranging them in a plus sign, crossing opposite ends (take care not to loop the ends) then taking the other thread and thread them over and under the loop that was originally made. Keep doing these steps until the thread has run out. Other stitches are also done varying in degrees of complexity. There are spiral knot, double spiral knots, cobra stitch, chinese staircase, and the butterfly stitch. Although these stitches can be made as lanyards they can also be made into bracelets. Aside from these, do-it-yourself lanyards can also be decorated with beads or any accessories that catches the fancy of the creator. This is customization at its very best since its in the hands of the lanyard creator as to how the final product looks like. This will also scream positively of the creators ingenuity and creativity. The final product will be guaranteed on of a kind. So next time, when you need a lanyard do not rush out to go buy a commercial one. Try to do a scoubie and enjoy!

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