TaylorMade Golf Equipment

This article includes informative tips that will help you have a better experience with Taylormade golf equipment. By now you are aware that in the world of golf equipment there will always be those few companies that stand out from all the rest. One brand can provide both the elegance and style of golf clubs that golfers are looking for, the Taylormade golf equipment. They can provide their customers outstanding customer service, and making sure that the consumers are always satisfied. Taylor made can provide some of the best golf equipment. Not only they can offer excellent golf equipment for men or women to use, they also offer junior golf clubs and golf sets. This makes sure that even the younger generation who may be just discovering the pleasures of golf, will be able to enjoy having some of the best golf equipment on offer.

How to Distinguish Fake from Authentic Golf Equipment?

With the popularity of golf equipment, there are lots of fake golf club that can fool lots of people believing their products are the authentic one.

The first thing you should check is the serial number. Some popular brands in golf equipment have been adding serial numbers to their clubs in 2002. The numbers are printed very faintly on their woods on the back of the heel of the head. The serial numbers on their irons are placed under the grip so it is difficult to copy. Other brands have their serial numbers on the hosel of each iron and wood.

The next thing you need to check are the logos, coloring and lettering. There are lots of fakes using various lettering styles as compared to the ones used on authentic clubs. The color of the clubs is likewise noticeably different. Even if the shading is a little bit off, you need to check even further to determine if it is authentic or not. The most obvious sign of fake golf clubs is a misspelled name.

Taylormade golfThe shaft is the last part that you might be checking. Adding a fake shaft in a real head is yet another trick that counterfeiters are doing. This is very hard to detect, but the best place to check is the ferrule. If the brand does not use ferrule, it only means that the shaft was replaced at one point and it could be a fake. Since there are lots of clubs in the market, it is much easier to determine if the clubs are fake or not through its weight. If a fake is using a different head, metal or shaft, it will most likely have a different weight.

Real Taylormade golf clubs have a serial number on each wood of the hosel and on the 7-iron or 5-iron in each set of irons. In case your club does not have that serial number, it is not an authentic Taylormade.

Check if there is a serial number on the hosel, if you cannot find one, then there is a possibility that the clubs are counterfeited. For set of irons, an authentic 8 iron has a serial number on it. Don’t just focus on the serial number, some counterfeit may have these serial numbers. Make sure that you aware of the other signs of counterfeit golf club. Some makers of fake golf club may put bogus serial numbers on clubs. If you have any doubt, you can call Taylormade Golf customer service. Keep in mind that not all clubs with serial number are authentic. If the golf clubs include models that are supposed to be titanium, if the magnet clings on them then the clubs are counterfeit. A magnet does not cling on titanium.

Andre Hanson